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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

Found a bug

When I paused the game just before Bison appeared and unpause, Bison seems to be stuck and can't fire laserthings from his eyes. Anywho, the game was pritty nice to play, but I already got the 3 medals in 5 minutes, so a bit short.

HAHAHAHAA What the hell?

Huh that was....Interesting. Taking Ryu's Hurricane kick ( or whatever it's called) and Ken Holding on and Hadoukening enemies in a shooting game. Well, I'm sure I never woulda thought of it. Way to be creative there buddy!

Ryu copter O_o

It had some flaws like you cant hit the enemies wich are all the way up

But beside that its a very unique Street Fighter game :D

Quite repetetive...but

Very entertaining xD
It made my night...especially the grin on that guys(Ryu i think from street fighter) face.

I came up with this idea years ago!!!

Well in my version (which exists in my head) Ryu just starts flying the he flys into r-type or gradius. Nover thought about ken being a mad cannon hadoken guy thing.

Pretty solid gameply with a Killer Idea!!