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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"


I actually liked this game a lot. I didn't think I would, but I did. It was simple and fun. I got to M. Bison and died so I don't know if I beat the game or not. My only problem with it is that with some of the larger enemies your energy bar depletes faster than you can kill them. Other than that cool game.

Lochie responds:

No you didn't complete the game, there is and ending after you defeat him.

pretty lolly

i lold when i saw that ur only ability was hadouken
hard to get every big enemy

HAHAHAHAA What the hell?

Huh that was....Interesting. Taking Ryu's Hurricane kick ( or whatever it's called) and Ken Holding on and Hadoukening enemies in a shooting game. Well, I'm sure I never woulda thought of it. Way to be creative there buddy!

Ryu copter O_o

It had some flaws like you cant hit the enemies wich are all the way up

But beside that its a very unique Street Fighter game :D

I came up with this idea years ago!!!

Well in my version (which exists in my head) Ryu just starts flying the he flys into r-type or gradius. Nover thought about ken being a mad cannon hadoken guy thing.

Pretty solid gameply with a Killer Idea!!