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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

This is delicious!

I should have expected the M. Bison head at the end to say an internet meme. Anyway, I was pretty impressed by how well the game worked and how fun it turned out to be. It was not the most creative, but it was fun to just fly around all day and shoot everything in sight. I especially liked the designs of big enemies. It is a little annoying with how Ryu as the copter makes him a vulnerable target. You were obviously not looking for anything fancy, so this managed to be really silly and that's good.

Definitely thumbs up!

Kudos, for the unsually playable low effort game. The ideas were random enough and the hit detection was spot on (which is usually bad for this sort of game.) Nevermind the people who say it was too hard, I was able to beat on the second run. All one had to do was spam hadokens while going up and down till they reached the boss then proceed to spam it directly in the boss's face. The only complaint I had was the inability to kill some of the mini-bosses before the get to you. Had you implimented a power attack to save up or warning of when they come or something of the like that would have been easy it could be a more playable experiance. But once agian I usually hate this kind of simple flash but this was done really well, especially the hit detection. And thanks for not draging it out longer than its stay was welcome.

funny and gud

but y the hell is it so hard to beat the last bosses without gettin hit?


I am only giving this game an 8 because the game is repetative, theres no score board and you cant defeat enemies on the top of the screen.
but on a good note the game is a brilliant idea, good animation and is enjoyable. well done.

Pretty Decent

No joke I enjoy this game but I found a few problems. Ive noticed sometimes I would randomly go down even though Ive never pressed the directional button down. It also happens with the other directions as well. Is there a way for you to possibly to fix this, or is it just me who has these problems?