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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"


I lawl'd through this whole game. Just awesome.

Street Fighter + shmup = win!

Nice stuff! It's pretty dirt simple, but I like how the hadoken gauge keeps you from just spamtarding through, and the fact that you've got Ryu just hanging out way above your line of fire means you've got to pay attention to where you are. It's not exactly deep, but touches like that put it a cut above all of the games that are just another flash shoot-'em-up. Definitely gonna see what else you've got on here!


that fuNNY Ryu is spin like a helicopter, but is sucks that everytime
u meet up with a large enemies, u always have to keep going
N dont get a chance 2 actually defeat the big enemies and then u couldnt
get the metal......which SUCKS!!!!


funny as game...