Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

So silly

This was one funny game you made parodying the Street Fighter game,the concept was simple but also hilarious seeing Ryu fly around and Ken throwing fireballs also the boss had me laughing hard too,the animation was solid and overall a fun game for a little while,nice job.

Bison is hard until

you realise his pattern is really simple

yes its possible.

check my medals. I havvn't beat bisons head, but I've got the ninja boss. just wit for your bar to get full and then just spam the hell out of him with you hidukens


Is there any way to kill the ninja boss? Is there any way to kill bisons head?? No strategy involved. No power ups and no special weapons. This is one of the dumbest games I have played in newgrounds.


I don't understand all the negative reviews but I thought this was histarical. But is it even possible to kill the ninja boss?