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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"


It's fun, but it gets repetitive after awhile.

Lochie responds:

that is until you get to bison, YES YES?

Good, but

That was fun. The gameplay was rather unoriginal, but it was still really fun. The thing that ruined it was that it appears to be impossible to win. I threw as many hadoukens as the energy bar would let me and I still couldn't kill the final large enemy. And I can't figure out how to dodge the final boss's attacks and I can't beat him in a straight battle of health/firepower. 3/5

Well that was annoying

Movement controls were weird. Would move when I told it to or went the wrong direction. Fix that.

Lochie responds:



I actually liked this game a lot. I didn't think I would, but I did. It was simple and fun. I got to M. Bison and died so I don't know if I beat the game or not. My only problem with it is that with some of the larger enemies your energy bar depletes faster than you can kill them. Other than that cool game.

Lochie responds:

No you didn't complete the game, there is and ending after you defeat him.

liked it

hahaha i liked that movie in the beginning!
i like the game too! nice one

ps i am honored to write the first review for this game! :)

Lochie responds:

The honor is ours.