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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"


this game is such a epic win

Yes! Yes!

Funny game and good art. It seems like it's impossible to get past the last couple of large enemies without getting hit at least once, though, which is annoying. I dunno how I'll ever beat Bison.

Team work!!

When Ryu and Ken work togheter nothing can stop them and M.Bison is so great when he say the words he say (dont want to spoil the game) :P.

But I just want to tell you this game is great do more games with games
characters you have a great arting skills and did a awsome game thankes to your skills.

Keep up with the good work.


Very nice, I liked the graphics and gameplay, and not be complicated to beat it. Would be better if it had highscores.

Lochie responds:

Maybe in the future we might add that in, but for now; keep wishing

this is funny


Lochie responds: