Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

this is delicious

oh god I lol'd at the boss
hats off to you good sir


I once saw a dream like this

This game was delicious indeed

But not until I see those street fighters pummel to dust........ YES ! YEEES !
Awesome joke on Cartoon Bison at the end . Really made me laught

LMAO Awesome!

I really love this XD.
P.D: Please, post the Ryu's Cool/Troll face in the art portal! It's just epic win XD

Good but..

...shoulda been the other way around. Ken is known for that damn hurricane kick more than Ryu. Plus, since there's an energy bar for the haduken, Ryu could have been able to charge his haduken for some kinda super...

*just started the game btw*