Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

YES!! YES!!!


Not anything I haven't seen

However, it was done in a funny way that had good controls.

Also, I love that you used 'Doom Bringer,' which was in that Futurama episode where Fry has to destroy the infosphere. Scooty Puff Sr. The Doom Bringer


that fuNNY Ryu is spin like a helicopter, but is sucks that everytime
u meet up with a large enemies, u always have to keep going
N dont get a chance 2 actually defeat the big enemies and then u couldnt
get the metal......which SUCKS!!!!

Found a bug

When I paused the game just before Bison appeared and unpause, Bison seems to be stuck and can't fire laserthings from his eyes. Anywho, the game was pritty nice to play, but I already got the 3 medals in 5 minutes, so a bit short.


unfortunate that i cant beat it, tho it seems i'm the only one....a large and slow avatar and no other attacks besides the default, not that i'm knocking it...i just cant see much room to improve my strategy, so i dont know how to beat it-still funny as hell, but i'm resigning it as impossible at this point. life sucks.