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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

fuck that

it was alright until my people stop movin and all could do was move my my shots and nt my person and bison was invisible

This is delicious!

I should have expected the M. Bison head at the end to say an internet meme. Anyway, I was pretty impressed by how well the game worked and how fun it turned out to be. It was not the most creative, but it was fun to just fly around all day and shoot everything in sight. I especially liked the designs of big enemies. It is a little annoying with how Ryu as the copter makes him a vulnerable target. You were obviously not looking for anything fancy, so this managed to be really silly and that's good.


it's just a product of the shoot-tutorial series it seems. And what is with the oversized enemies? they cant be killed, i hit them as fast as possible from the moment they enter the screen and they just don't die. And the story says the moon is crashing to earth, so where do all the enemies come from? And how is the guy flying?

realy funny and entertaining :)

funny game and animation :)

iTs ok?

Here's a way to defeat Bison with ease... just pause the game when he arrives and after 10 seconds unpause... then he wont attack you. You will just keep hadoukening him and he'll eventualy die :D