Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"


I like the idea and style, but realization could be better. To combine the street fighter style and classic ,,Helicoptering'' is difficult, but this try is not bad.


I loved the whole silliness of the thing, I laughed the whole way through until I died of course, ahaha.
Makes Street Fighter even better than it usually is.


..too bad most people do not get that this game never intended to be taken seriously =D quit "buttmunching" that it makes no sense that he can fly or where the enemys come from when the moon is about to crash on the earth ;o
it turned out to be fun and silly, which is not bad at all :p the only problem was ryu beeing vulnerable and the last boss before bison comes was not killable(for me^^)
all in all:
+funny (aka sillyness)

-somehow overpowered bosses
-a little bit clumsy controls

i love it

but where is the metsu hadouken?

terrible control

my characters would move on thuier own and i had absolutely no control about half way through, the charachter was jsut gettign thrown around, half the time the shots wouldnt work either