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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

LAWL epic

this game is fun, love the ending. though i think you should make a part to and have a charge move for a nice big blast every one wants in a street fight game =3.


Good game :D it's good that you never die

funny and gud

but y the hell is it so hard to beat the last bosses without gettin hit?

Seriosuly no mute button?

ITs an okay game but please man add a mute button! (maybe im an idiot n missed it, I tried all the standard stuff press m etc etc but ouch man that music grates my ears) apologies to the creators.. just not my style)

this game is GREAT!

I actually loved it.. i haven't had this much fun playing a shooting game since.. well ever.. it was pretty great and i hope everybody else enjoyed it.. i've read some reviews of this.. and i had no trouble with anything except the m. bison head.. the game just like lagged to hell then i died.. but i guess it was just my computer.. it was great.. You're amazing for making such a fun game