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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

what is the secret?

what is the secret?

Oh yeah!!!

That is really awesome. I love to play it all-time. I lol'd much. Great Work :D

loved the premise...but

first playthrough:
everything was fine until halfway through the ninja level, then they started moving backwards....

second playthrough:
after returning from a pause, the animations for the player object disappeared, but and the background remained as whatever was on the 'pause' screen at the time I paused it, although all other sprites worked....
please fix these issues, game was funny and it would be great if it worked fully.

Kinda good

Its not anything crazy good but atleast its fun


The gameplay isn't anything great, but the game had me chuckling, which made it worthwhile ;)
So don't go playing this game expecting intense, exciting gameplay or anything. It's a joke game, and designed better then most games.