Reviews for "I Wish, I Wish - Prologue"


Fun. Great work you guys did on this!

Fun game!

It's not too hard. But it was really fun to play! I just got #1 which I'm sure won't last too long but that's not a big deal. There were some collision issues in the game. The ball went through one of those steel... barricade guys (The one that says "I wish, I wish" at the beginning) once or twice. But either than that I have nothing to complain about. Excellent job.

pixelsoffreedom responds:

Amazing score! I've tested the game hundreds and hundreds of times but didn't ever managed to score that much, lol.


ARROGANCE: Submit your score after you lose.
OLD GRANDMA: Get a score less then 20,000.
ADDICTION: Play The game 10 times in one sitting.
COMBO-BREAKER: Get a combo of 5 or more.
LISTEN TO THE BALL: Every time you lose, the ball will comment on how you did. There are 7 messages in all, and you need to see them all in one sitting to receive the medal. (Each message will be seen depending if you score is between 0-19,999 20,000-39,999 40,000-59,999 60,000-79,999 80,000-99,999 100,000-119,999 120,000-or more)
BALL MASTER: Score 120,000 or more.
DETERMINATION: Receive all other medals. (Note: I had to refresh the page and start another game to recive the medal.)
SECRET MEDAL: Also know as Pacifist, you have to score 0 and not hit anything.

i loved it

it was like a blast to the past pong was is and always will be a great game. timeless thanx. one thing though i feel as you get farther into the game the ball shoul speed up to create a little mope of a challange but syill a bad ass game

Great game!

Only bit of downside is that "combo breaker" medal is almost entirely luck based... HOWEVER sometimes when a new game is started, there is a LOT of bonuses, much more than normal and allows players to get 5 or more without even bouncing on a rubber platform.