Reviews for "I Wish, I Wish - Prologue"


Hey Gabriel, good work (it's Simon, if you hadn't guessed by the username). It's been like 5 years since I used this account... Anyway, great game. Challenging, but replayable.

The new graphics are very good too, well done to Master-Samus.

pixelsoffreedom responds:

Heya man, thx! You should use the account more often, NG is amazing :D

Love it.

I love this game. The difficulty ramps quickly, but if you are persistent it is very possible to get the medals.

My only suggestion...finish the trilogy! I would love to see what other shenanigans silverball gets himself into wishing that he was a ball.

cool game

secret medal-dont hit the ball at all

Pretty damn nice :)

Really nice and addictive, the problem with that: I can't play it on school on my laptop x)

very addictive lol

hahah really cool game. i made 98,150 points :D