Reviews for "I Wish, I Wish - Prologue"


this game is awesome

Decently Bad

Kind of hard

Very Solid

Out of the thousands of similar and more importantly bad brick break games, this tries to be different. I sort of got confused at the start but got the hang of it later. Solid game. Also kudos for medals helped the replayability.

Solid game

This was a pretty sweet game you made here,it reminded me a lot of arkanoid but with a different style to it which was quite creative,the animation was solid and the audio was good too,if this is indeed going to be a trilogy i can't wait for the other two. =)

Not bad

The only problem I had was that it was hard to control the 4 platforms in the game and I kept missing the ball and lost. But that's just me. I'm improving anyways so I still give it a 10.
Oh, and I'm taking a guess here: Every 20,000 pts you'll get a better score. So:

0-19,999 = Rank 7
20,000-39,999 = Rank 6
40,000-59,999 = Rank 5
60,000-79,999 = Rank 4
80,000-99,999 = Rank 3
100,000-199,999 = Rank 2
120,000+ (Rank 1!)

That was a guess, I'm not sure myself. Try it out!