Reviews for "I Wish, I Wish - Prologue"

not bad

It's not too new or original. But the gameplay is quite fun, and everything seems to work well (except the glitchy music). Replay value is there with the medals, and if you want a high score.

Listen to the Ball

To get this medal you need to score a certain amount of points, after you lose the ball will give you a message, like good work or you're horrible, etc. You need to listen to all of the 7 messages he gives out. You must score in between the following:
0-20K 20K- 40K 40K-60K 60K-80K 80K-100K 100K-120K 120K+

very addictive lol

hahah really cool game. i made 98,150 points :D

Great Game

115k Points -.-


Still a great Game ^^


very nice game :) 10/10