Reviews for "I Wish, I Wish - Prologue"

how to get the secrit medal

don't hit anything and die

Thoroughly addictive

Well, what can I say? Half an afternoon and I'm about 4k shy of a 120k medal boost, but when it comes down to it, I've had a wonderfully enjoyable time in doing so.

The graphics are great and the way that everything seems to focus around the movement of the mouse is excellent. I particularly love the ingenious way that you've adapted the traditional paddle game and have concocted a three dimensional piece that is a highly engrossing game. Every aspect looks fantastic and you're certainly onto a winner with this. Perhaps stop making it so difficult to get through these levels, with a powerup that will help you remove silverballs, which gradually make the place very deadly and difficult to control around.

I'm glad that you can still see the cursor, but sometimes, I still move the cursor out of bounds and the paddles don't respond like I want them to. Would this benefit from a keyboard control interface, with up / down controlling the verticals and left / right controlling the horizontals?

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ARROGANCE: Submit your score after you lose.
OLD GRANDMA: Get a score less then 20,000.
ADDICTION: Play The game 10 times in one sitting.
COMBO-BREAKER: Get a combo of 5 or more.
LISTEN TO THE BALL: Every time you lose, the ball will comment on how you did. There are 7 messages in all, and you need to see them all in one sitting to receive the medal. (Each message will be seen depending if you score is between 0-19,999 20,000-39,999 40,000-59,999 60,000-79,999 80,000-99,999 100,000-119,999 120,000-or more)
BALL MASTER: Score 120,000 or more.
DETERMINATION: Receive all other medals. (Note: I had to refresh the page and start another game to recive the medal.)
SECRET MEDAL: Also know as Pacifist, you have to score 0 and not hit anything.

haha lol

im giving a ten just cuz when the ball said you scored worse than my grandma my friend said i didnt know balls could reproduce and i said trust me they can

pixelsoffreedom responds:

Haha, nice, yeah, of course they reproduce, it's a bit akward, cos they are so round, but it works well in the end :)

hard but fun

thats much all i got to say so 10/10