Reviews for "I Wish, I Wish - Prologue"

i love it but

it get's boring after a while and there's something wrong with the medals xd
there's a medal get all medals on NG but that impossible because you dont have all of them if you dont have that one xd you see? xd
but good job


u give it a two bad graphics negative comments insults bad music need big improvements and i say this in a kind way

old granny ftw!

woot woot


i got it! i found the secret meddle :) i got 4 meddles in totalXD pm me if you you tried hard but couldent get it and ill tell you

Par for the course

Pretty much what the bumper ball game entails, slightly under developed in features, and was that a plot I smelt at the beginning? Also thought the square was a bit small, when I lost it said Not very good! I then thought about people who live in glass houses.

pixelsoffreedom responds:

yup, that was a little plot