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Reviews for "Mario Meets Goomba"

epic fail....for Mr. Videogame


Alexman159 responds:

mr. vg himself mc mario bitch


Now Mario again get PWN3D hahaha
Epic Fail...

Alexman159 responds:


Improve the jumps

I find it funny, better than what i can do (I can make a running luigi that stands in the same place). And, Mario needs less crouching between jumps.

Alexman159 responds:

i was just trying some stuff out. i should have done some spin jumpps too

epic fail for mario

that was epic i love it

Alexman159 responds:

thanks but it wasnt epic

Pretty short...

But it's not bad. Maybe make it a little longer next time, and have more than one joke in it besides the overly-dramatic jump that ultimately screws him over. Good job with the animation though, and I hope you make more!

Alexman159 responds:

thanks. i like to keep things short since i have small attention span. id rather put out multiple small flashes then give up on one big one