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Reviews for "Mario Meets Goomba"

Nice work

It's been a long time since i seen a sprite flash with a Matrix reference in it so it's nice to relive some old great flashes in this little Mario parody and in the end it gave me a good laugh seeing Mario land on the spike beetle in slow motion,i wouldn't mind seeing more of these sprite shorts of yours so keep em coming. =)

Alexman159 responds:

lol im sure many other sprite movies have referenced matrix


Animation looked fly but it was painfully boring.

Alexman159 responds:

im sorry

funny, XD we should collab!

your video taught me that my first flash video was a fluke, but now i know that i should want quality over all the features i wanted. i can just make it in small parts!
anyways i much better now at flash, and i think WE SHOULD MAKE A COLLAB cause your flash videos are AWESOME

Alexman159 responds:

nah i dont want to collab witchu

Mario goes... FAST?!?

jumping A super flip jump, but the goomba ran faster and the spikey made mario fail in an instant to get straight on the ground. haha, this is awesome man! make more like this!

Alexman159 responds:



I give this ten stars and a 5.
nice spoff do more.

Alexman159 responds:

thanks ill do spoff more