Reviews for "LARRY: Gnomergeddon"


This time I'm positively suprised.

There's a big shame that Larry can't actually block the attacks. At least those meele ones. And in the day where gnomes start to use fireamrs, should be added kind of wall, so player isn't raped by two groups of gnomes shootign from left and right.

But gameplay is great, and that's what i'm all about.

Jazza responds:

You know we had a block build into the original versions but in testing we never used it. The games are much more attack based and thought having a block would take away from that if anything. Instead it makes you think of more creative ways to attack and faster ways to kill. Thanks for your review!

this game is brutal

This game getseallly difficult, but it's fun how you can pick up the gnome's heads and use them as weapons

Awesome !!

One of the Best EVER !!!

(All the other critics are just stupid, just because you donĀ“t know how to play it doesn't makes this a bad game...)

Awesome Game

Dude i love the fact that u can change weopans and stuff,but dude the hardet level in this game was those mages or wizard guys.I got killed about 3 times trying to kill them,but i figured it out,if u have a sling shot,use it on them.2 hits and they are out.I finally beat the game.I only have one problem,sum medals dont work if u kill certain gnomes and poison mages.But overall,its the best game i ever played man.Really great one.


It's a fun and great survival game. Keep up the good work. ;)