Reviews for "LARRY: Gnomergeddon"


this is awesome game 10*

awww man

waz on lv.19 and got bet by 3 spell gnome dudes. :(

A great game

I got to level 19, and I must say I'm impressed. I really like how I could use gnomes heads as weapons, even if they didn't do much. I still used them as weapons by throwing them. The game starts off pretty easy, then at level 7 and 8, it gets way too hard. You should try putting poison heals in those levels. I though 19 was a bit too hard, but the reason I died was because I didn't press W fast enough and the wizards got me.

On it's way to celebrity

Larry is steadily making his way up the ladder and will probably become the next Alien Hominid or Castle Crashers.

really fun but...

tooooo hard! i love it though! the farthest level i have gotten to is level 9. I cannot get past it urrgh!