Reviews for "LARRY: Gnomergeddon"

... a game that...

IT's TO HARD MAN .... sereusly ... you shoud put some ... helps or... dificulty level....
noting else just to say that it's sow awsoame thet you can cange the wepon

Love it

not too hard. but lvl 19 is crazy. somebody help me? those meages are freaking hard to kill. Nice variety of weapons btw.

A decent, straightforward, game.

There's not a whole lot I can say about the game. Nothing too positive, and nothing too negative. It was an average, straightforward, hack-n-slasher. There was nothing that really stood out in it that made it unique or interesting.

I guess the strongest point for the game is it's vast selection of weapons that are dropped by the enemy, and the ease in which your able to use them. But the gameplay, overall, was a little too simplistic. It got boring quickly. And some of the controls are a bit bulky, and questionable - the sprint leap attacks felt poorly implemented (though, it might be intentional, given that the main character, Larry is still in training and so inexperienced :/ ).

very very good

top 3 enemys i hate
2:those thing that headbut u
3:poison flys

Great mini game!

Though one thing is, I'm not sure poison weapons work properly, sure, they poison and kill mobs, but I think the counter for killing x of x mobs at the end of each day doesn't include deaths from the poison you put on enemies. Is this on purpose? Dunno, fantastic game you guys!