Reviews for "LARRY: Gnomergeddon"

this game is bloody,funny and amazing

3.5 stars
There should be attribute points whenever you level up. Character Selection would be awesome. Like the others said put some elemental swords like fire, wind, lightning, time that each have benefits. A more complex "bare hands" fighting system. Not just gnome confrontation there should be other races like orcs, lyncans, aliens etc..They're right ,it should be partners in these game. Try putting special new bosses every wave/level of gnomes

PS larry's pup should be his partner

good game

Cool Game
But Why Are Ther Medals Like
Gnome Destroyer It Dosent Work
And Poison Defelctor It Dosent Work To
But It Has Nice Graphics Nice Weapons
Would Be Cool With
Dual Weapons For Larry
And Super Weapons Like In Larry And The Gnomes



This is a great game with good weapons ive seen reviews requesting guns but that would be stupid seeing the time and age but elemental weapons and partners would be nice