Reviews for "LARRY: Gnomergeddon"

great game "you get a musket at wave 10" and "first wand [ice] on wave 4" if you are a melee fan you get a enchanted weapon on wave... 6 i think i'm not sure :P anyway love the game!! make more

so close to winning the game my pc froze at the last level then when it unfroze i was dead :l

beast game ever

Love thus game & this is going 2 b 1 of my favorite games cuz this is the first game that i somehow got the highscore 4 the first time ever 4 me! Thank you so much & plz message me when u get a chance. Thnx again, 5 stars

Great game. Loved how easily the controls flowed (for me, anyways). Only downside? I wish it was bigger. I understand it's about the series, yeah, but a variation in items (like amulets or stuff to upgrade your stats) would be unnoticeable and easy. Also, I wish the stats went past 18, because it felt really limited and short.