Reviews for "LARRY: Gnomergeddon"

Quite good

That game's quite entertaining and funny, but there are a few things, which would make it even better:

1. I found some sword with fire damage in the first levels and was using it until the end because there was no better weapon showing up. So some more or some more special weapons would be nice, I'd say.

2. When there are a lot of enemies on the screen in the last level, the game gets a little laggy, although my computer got some really nice gaming hardware.

3. Would be cool if you could improve your character's skills a little or something. Currently one doesn't have the feeling of proceeding that much. Just slaying gnomes forever and ever.

4. Sometimes the miners just beat you from one miner to the next until you use rage. Nevertheless the game's a little too easy in my opinion. Didn't die a single time.

awsome game

this game made me fustrated when i kept on dying


i love your work

pretty awesome

+1 if someone loves this game

Larry vs Pico

come on Jazza im not going to stop until you do it. LARRY VS PICO!!