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Reviews for "-Blind-"


Its on the front page :PP 5/5

Great Game

Good Game, It gives you a ominous feeling of suspense and great choice of music

Good concept, bad execution

I think I understand what you were trying to do but the game simply isn't fun. If you're trying to express an opinion or show something through the gaming media then the first thing you have to do is make the game fun.

Random bullshit holes are a no-no for good games. Have some sort of sign that they're there.

Make the gameplay more than a generic platformer. Being blind is potentially a cool gimmick but not when you're not doing anything with it.

idiot-monarch responds:

Thanks for the input, but there really weren't any bullshit holes. Spikes have a clear outline, easily visible on the radar, and you have the ball to map out the level.

Lovely! <3

Beautiful dark mood-inducing graphics, simple controls, very suiting music-- this game really gives a good idea of what it's like to be blind. I'd love to see this game rated higher because it really deserves it.

Damn im little bit angry.

I am angry to that , that this game hasnt got any trophies or frontpage.
Because this game is very original and interesting and ryou showed what it means to be blind.
Little bit similar to Cluser I dunno what was the game name.
But this gam is my favorite one.
cheers dude

idiot-monarch responds:

Thanks man. We're pretty disappointed too, to be honest.