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Reviews for "-Blind-"

Very closure like, I think you should mention it

You can tell that the art style and to some extent the gameplay were inspired by closure, but it still stands on it's own as a game. I really feel like you should of put some credit toward Closure, but that's not really necessary.

I like the idea behind the game but a lot of things were hard to use or didn't make sense. I'm not entirely sure if it's what you were going for, but I think using the ball and the radiating circle to simulate the senses of touch and hearing was pretty damn clever.

The only problem is that the ball and the radiating circle don't give you enough detail of the surrounding ground to do anything. With the ball, the mechanic works, it's just very difficult to use. I can't really think of any time when I needed to actually charge the ball up. Being able to throw it outright without any charge would've worked fine, and it would've made it much easier to use. The radiating circle could've been wider also.

Just changing those little things up I would make the game a lot better, in my opinion.

idiot-monarch responds:

I'll disagree actually. I couldn't really come up with another way to portray the concept than with the minimalistic black and white art style. We weren't actively trying to copy Closure. We were actually dreading being compared to it (not that it's a bad game).

But thanks anyway!

It's a good game, could do better.

I'll deal out the issues before I talk about the good stuff about it. The main issues I have with it is that the 'sonar' as you call it is a bit hard to read at times, but it's good that it's there. The next issue is a small bug I came across, I can't throw the ball anymore. There are times when it could have saved me a headache.

The good parts of the game are the music, the concept of a blind man overcoming many obstacles, and the gameplay.
The music adds a suspenseful feeling to the game, Who's calling for help? What's going to happen? The concept of a blind man going off to help a person in need is an original and great concept in a Platform game, but not so much in other media.
The gameplay is pretty good, the jumping is just right, not too over-hyped and not too toned down; which makes me infer the man is in good health. The speed he moves is slow, which is good seeing as a blind man running around in a place full of lethal spikes would be a bit unorthodox. Another good part of the game I have yet to mention is the detail you put into it. Some people will look at this and ask "Detail? It's a white outline on black with the occasional bit of white that acts like a wall or spikes!" To those people, by detail I actually DO mean those little bits of white. It's pure genius that the main details are the walls, the spikes, and the sudden emptiness that you realize a second too late. A few things like the lamp and the dumpster add to the story, 'What are they there for? why are they here?' This is a game where I actually can think these things without something crazy and/or flashy going, 'Look at me! I'm a Crazy and Flashy piece of random in this game!' This game appears to be simple, but it is much more complex and intricate than people think at first.

I really hope that you can fix the bug in my not being able to throw, then I can thoroughly enjoy this game without getting too many headaches.

9/10, 5/5

Not very fun.

There probably isn't much to say. The animation was great, relaxing yet a bit tiresome music. The graphics: I really can't comment on, because this game is almost pitch black. And the gameplay was not really that fun, great concept, just not done very well. I'm not good at giving ideas. All I have to say is. Nice try, and better luck next time.


this game is ok. i will give 8-10. to the person below me the reason u dont know why its on the front page is because YOUR blind. hahaha im so not funny

Good feeling, BUT....

This game gives you a great feeling, but this is one of the boringest games I've ever played actually

I really can't see why this game is on the front page... hmm..