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Reviews for "-Blind-"

very hard!

in a good way. you managed to strike the very difficult to obtain point of making me crazy without frustrating me. I kept playing from start to finish the whole way through in one shot and it took me a little more than an hour to finish the whole game so congratulations on keeping my attention the whole time. I really felt driven to try and find the person calling for help and didnt want to stop playing. the art and music together gave a great feeling of isolation which is in part what contributed to me wanting to find that other person, I didnt want to be alone anymore. there are a good deal of blind people in manhattan and it always amazed me at how well they are able to navigate a city that a sighted person can have difficulty with and in some way by the end of the game I understood it a bit more. at first I was moving at less than half speed and shuffling my feet, stopping often to try and get a feel for where I am or what I have to do and strangely enough by the end of the game even though the challenges were harder and it was no easier to see I found myself able to move at a more normal pace more of the time because I had a feel for what the terrain in this game was like. I caught myself at one point just running through a level as though this was a normal platformed like I could see where I was going based on nothing but how the game felt up until that point so well done in respect to the skill curve the game has. I cant give a perfect score though because of the glitch with the ball I see some people talking about. he would sometimes just stop throwing the ball and the only way to remedy this is by restarting the game so I ended up not even using the ball past level 13. even though the game is still playable without it I can imagine the later levels would have been easier with it and although it isnt an integral part of the game it would still be nice if it worked.
if you have not finished the game yet then DO NOT READ FURTHER.

SPOILER! that ending really made me sad. you spend the whole game trying to escape the isolation and when you finally do the person you are trying to help takes advantage and isolates you even more. I never saw the twist coming and even started to suspect that you were just wandering around in a fun house or something and when he jumped out of that chair I Jumped out of mine a little. that ending scene was just so well done because your character has such an innocent look about him with that blank expression and that posture that he even seems frail and then after all that he ends up robbed and trapped. such a sad and great ending that I never saw coming.

idiot-monarch responds:

Hehe, glad to know that someone got to the end.

Even more glad to know that said person enjoyed the ending.


The idea is extremely similar to closure. Plus the challenges were extremely difficult. The music got so annoying with the weird background sounds to make it sound like a crowded street .

I rarely write reviews but let me begin.
The Graphics fit the mood but yeah, closure had the same graphic style.

Now to the main part of what i thought of this game. It must have been quite difficult to make and I respect the fact that you must have taken a long time to make it. But god damn it if it isn't the most stressful game i have ever played. At first it was okay, and the challenges weren't too difficult. However when there became more than 6 rooms, i gave up. This is after at least 1 hour of game play.

First of all, the spikes. This game requires spikes, but for the love of god, must you place them everywhere possible? Even if we could see the level it would be difficult. One of the levels had spikes at the top of a ladder. To advance, you had to slide your way to the right and slowly get off. And then when you jump over the spikes directly below you, you still had to dodge the spikes on top, and make sure you don't hit the adjacent spikes that you were heading towards. There were too many god damn spikes. You must consider that, although this makes it challenging, it doesn't mean it's a good thing.

For example, platforming the game while blind was fun. The sonar made it challenging and jumping towards the platform right as soon as your sonar was released allowed you to look further out and plan your next move. This kind of challenge was fun and was good. However putting spikes in every single spot between, above and below the platforms was annoying.

Level numbers would have been useful IN GAME and the title menu was also confusing. I thought it said "Intro 1" and expected an "Intro 2" and "Intro 3" some where. Until i played it again and accidentally pressed Intro, i saw a cut-scene i had not seen earlier.

I quit at level 17. This level had things pushing me all around and falling down 3 levels. I do not have the patience, to find my way up 3 levels filled with spikes and, from what i understand, moving spikes.

The atmosphere the darkness creates is very claustrophobic which i think is one of the few things this game gets right.

The ball, the ball should be able to charge up faster and it should be able to charge up in mid-air. The amount of times that could have come in handy was astounding. Also, for all you people complaining that the ball would not throw all the time, this is probably because you had thrown one earlier. From what i understand, you can not throw another ball until your previous ball has stood still.

That's what i think of this game. You made the game challenging, but in the wrong way.

idiot-monarch responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism, despite the shitty score.

It was hard for us to tell if it's too hard since we put the levels together with a gray background, and when we tested, we knew where everything was. Plus, most of the testers complained about not understanding the mechanics, rather than the actual difficulty of the levels, so we made it s user friendly as we thought was possible without sacrificing the atmosphere. I know this doesn't change the fact that it's too hard, just trying to explain why it ended up the way it is.

As for the similarity to Closure, this art style really fit the concept the best.

highly original

a game in wich you cannot see.
better than a game in wich you cant see the player.
this is a nice way of showing how a blind person can explore its enviroment.



does this game even have an ending???


This is some good stuff. Though he doesn't always throw the ball. Small bug

idiot-monarch responds:

You have to wait for the other ball to stop moving before you can throw a new one.