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Reviews for "-Blind-"


This game is amazing and has an interesting point of view.
i wonder if this is how all blind ppl see the world...


couldve been better. you should have made the sonar a bit easier to see. i didnt get the point of the ball at first. also... never ever make space the jump button unless up/W is already in use. people tend to work around it even if it is in use.

idiot-monarch responds:

Up/W is in use.

And I love to jump with space :P

Simple and Unique

It's not a horrible game as a few users have said but it is a very different. The only thing I do not like about this game is how you implemented the "white-sonar". If you just made the sonar just a tad bit bigger, then I think I wouldn't have to squint my eyes to see if there was a hole in-coming or not. But other than that I like it and hope to see more games like this coming your way.

I liked it

It was a pretty interesting game, kinda difficult in some areas..


This was a very unique game. It was very simple, yet challenging and fun also. I like the attempt to get other senses involved to create a sense of blindness. The music also went very well with the game. I didn't finish it but I did enjoy it. Great job!