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Reviews for "-Blind-"


This game is hard while not being frustrating and does a good job of being a puzzle game

Very hard

It is a very good game, but it's annoying to have to restart the WHOLE level, especially when it has numerous "rooms". The ending wasn't expected at all.
Poor Blind guy.


This sort of does remind me a bit of closure in a number of ways. One being how unerringly difficult it is. :| In different ways, though. Closure was different in that there were more timing issues I had with some of the puzzles, but that is neither here nor there.

To be honest, I really dig the concept. I can't get past level fourteen, (The one with a dumpster) so I'll just review it on that. I've actually been in the process of programming a game involving limited vision not unsimilar to this and Closure, but there are definitely some things that could be changed. I feel I don't need to mention the problems of the ball--though I must second the opinion that it may be best to just have it automatically thrown at full-power.

In level fourteen in particular, I feel that I already have a firm map of the area, and know that the floor drops out, and you have to navigate spikes as you're falling to reach the Help thing (most likely), but I died the second I entered the room, and had no clue where the spikes were. I couldn't even throw a ball down, to see what the hell it was I was hitting. Throwing the ball up through the gap didn't do me any good either, since it's hard to tell what it's actually hitting, by its minor radius.

A concept I planned in incorporating in my game would be to slowly "memorize" places you've been, because if you know a wall's there, if you move, it most likely will still be there. It could be marked with a dotted line, meaning that's where you last knew where it was, and that it had possibility of moving, but still.

Also, to be honest, this game actually seems rather simple, in concept. There's a black background, with a character and black platforms, whereas you simply have a continual animation of the radar emitting from him, layered underneath the platforms. Simple in concept, though I imagine the actual programming was a bit more difficult than it sounds.

I believe a lot of this is far too much trial-and-error. Having given up, I'd decided to watch the walkthrough, and have to say that a lot of the later levels look goddamned impossible to figure out on the first, if not several tries. Can you imagine the lifespan of someone blind in this sort of environment? Have some pity on the poor guy!

I really want to see how this ends...But patience isn't something I'm particularly good at. It may just be me, but I simply find this game far too challenging for casual gamers. It IS a good game, it could simply use some improvements. And when you replied to someone else, saying that you tested it with a gray background...Well, I suppose it would've been a successful test, had that been the environment the players would actually be playing in. I'm not sure how you had other people test it, but the mechanics were the least of my worries. Pressing shift in mid-air was a bit awkward at first, but I got a hang of it before too long. Keep your testing consistent, though. I'm sure we wouldn't have as many problems if we could see where everything was, too.

Cool concept, but execution could have been better

I like the concept of the game alot, like many of the other reviewers thought, but it had some problems. I honestly didn't finish the game because I got tired of having to refresh my browser to be able to make the ball work correctly. The trail and error of having to pull random switches was an annoyance as well. The level design could also use a bit of work. Again good concept, but it could have been better.

idiot-monarch responds:

Man, how the hell did we miss the ball bug?

Pretentious, buggy, and not very good.

The idea of having to search around in the darkness for platforms and levers makes for an interesting concept, but I don't feel this game quite pulled it off. The controls aren't exactly what I'd call fantastic, it's buggy at points, and the level design's just really weak. On a couple of levels there are multiple switches you can pull, one of which you need to use to open a doorway or whatever, while the others just kill you. There's no real way to tell the difference, so it's just a pain in the ass. The spikes all over the damn place don't really help the situation much. Maybe the game's ending somehow makes up for all this, but I got too frustrated and bored to keep playing.

As much as I disliked the game, the idea really is cool, and I hope you try at it again sometime when your skills have improved. As it is, though, I just can't get into it.

Better luck next time.