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Reviews for "-Blind-"


The only thing that's bringing the score down for me is the difficulty. The concept was pretty cool and I guess the harder it is it more represents being blind, but some parts were incredibly frustrating. I think if the sonar was able to display the environments more clearly (I strained the hell out of my eyes; maybe that was the point?) or some of the jumps didn't require absolute precision you could make it a bit easier without losing the artistic feel.
The only other comment I have is that I felt almost disappointed by the ending. I guess I was expecting a clearer picture of what all those objects were (and that weird O at the bottom of level 17 or so...) and what this blind guy looked like. I mean I spent a good couple hours (not in one sitting) getting through 21 super hard levels trying to figure it out (used the walkthrough A LOT) and my only sense of relief is the ending, which just seemed...lacking. Great idea, though. I just wish it wasn't so damn hard.


Didn't under stand the ending was that you in the chair or an evilo you im not sure and what did all those objects mean.


good but to hard

Great. But...

I gave you 6 for this cuz the concept's great... But it's too hard! Must be good for some but i'm not one of those. Also the 'sonar' will do better if the effects were to bounce off the floor... Even though, still a great game =) Just make it easier even just a bit!

Good game

It was a good game. Sure I got a little frustrated but the game was interesting enough to keep me playing to find out how it ended. That is the make of a good game ,one that pushes them but also keeps pulling them back.