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Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 3"


game is very good a big challenge to beat bonus levels , but i did it!!!!!

GameBalance responds:



Addictive. Fun. Awesome and well done game. Enjoyed it. 4/5.

Really a Great Game

Adrenaline starts to rise when the level of 17 or more
Hahahaa.. but, i really enjoy it, every second level

Good Job 5/5

GameBalance responds:

I glad!

Great Game

I got addicted and played this for a while, and a game capable of that is generally a good game. Some levels didn't have to be as hard as they are, such as bonus level 5. I beat that one, but just by luck. If there is some sort of pattern to it, then I didn't catch it. Staying around the outside helps, since only a few of those blocks go on the outside.

Anyways, besides a few levels that were a little too difficult, it was a good game. 9/10, and 5/5!

GameBalance responds:

actually outside u always safe. and yeah there is patern of 8 steps!

Pretty fun

This is pretty fun! I'm not sure why people think this is hard '-'
But level 19? No, just no. I really don't want to memorize patterns like that for a game like this.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks :)