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Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 3"

Amazing Game!!!

Awesome, thrilling, can't stop playing \o/

GameBalance responds:


Awesome music too

This was a super fun game, something about bursting tiny bubbles with what i imagined as a tiny glowing ninja was imensly satisfying

GameBalance responds:

Haha! Gotta love slashes :3

Greatest work time-passer!

This was the greatest fun I've had on NG yet! The levels got progressively harder. Level 19 almost had an 'i can't be arsed' feeling but it didn't take too long to work out. Loving the slashing.

Definitely sweet.

Really nice game, loved all the eye-candy you cranked in it.
It's a simple game, but you made it really nice, medals are balanced as well.

Great game.


Never knew bursting bubbles blus shiny lines blus sword-swinging"Shing!" sounds plus awsome music plus tiny firework clusters could be so addicting and fun. Maybe I did before, not never knew it could achieve this level of awsomeness! Great game!

GameBalance responds: