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Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 3"


wow all i have to say is wow!

GameBalance responds:


This game can not possibly get any better.

The controls could not be more simple, but the game could not be more fun. The electronic, epic music fits preciously with the movement of a fast cursor. It tempts me to turn the volume up high and dance erratically. The graphics are beautiful and polished interactive art. This game is professional enough to be an arcade game purchased in the Playstation Store. It also passes another trait that is often forgetten in games yet is very imporant- the replay value. This game loses no luster even when beating it several times over. There is nothing that could be done to this game to make it better. You have created something great. Congratulations.

GameBalance responds:

Wow another comment telling it could be on Playstation! Hope someday we really move to serious console!

best ever

super awsome best game ever its adicting and fun XD got stuck on 20 thoe i gonna try again XD

GameBalance responds:

try some times later. It seems like 20 easer then 19

Its is addickting!

I only rated it 7/10 because I can't get passed level 7. Even after watching the walk-through, its hard. You have to have a steady hand, which I don't have.


this is both fantastic and frustrating, and really rewarding once you figure out how to beat each level...sucks that my mouse keeps getting stuck.....but awsome game...very well done. very addicting