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Reviews for "Touch The Bubbles 3"

Nice game

Very nice game. It takes some time to get used to the levels, but once you do it's not hard to get through the whole game without any continues. I must say, very frustrating.

Bonus level 5...GAAAAAHHHH. Anyway, great job man, keep it up!

GameBalance responds:

damn bonus level 5!!! I'll try to not make this mad hard in next games. But I didn't know it will be so hard!

I feel like a ninja

When I do slashes. This game is simply amazing! and difficult too D:

Should be expanded and put onto a console (because others said so and I fully agree)

GameBalance responds:

I would love that :)
Hope someday we start make our small games for consoles hooray!

Very Nice

I love this game but I can't beat the 5th Bonus Level. I can't seem to memorize the pattern of the blocks.

GameBalance responds:

for me it's not most about memorize. The trick as I said in walkthrough is to understand is that after danger-state the spot will be safe for 7 steps because full pattern is 8 steps :)


the gameplay is awsome but with the music is even better this is the funnest game yet good job.


I kind of see this as being a Wii game more than a playstation game. Or maybe both!

GameBalance responds:

I not own any consoles at the moment. Has playstation a mouse or something like that to operate?