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Reviews for "My Platform Game Engine#3"


theres a problem it has a short ending and theres only two enemys but overall 10/10

Very, very good!

This looks like a very promising game! I'd love it if you could beat this single level, of course, and maybe, an EXP meter, and weapons dropping every once in a while, but, overall, it's fab! Sort of Chaos Faction meets Rage.

Good idea!

Your game has a lot of potential! Took me a while to understand tha ennemies were always spawning....But a nice beginning. Can't wait to see more!

The beginning of something

Nice engine, with a lot of opportunity. If you keep working on it, fixing any additional bugs, adding more mechanics, like guns and levling, you migh be on to something.


that..... was a refrence from a video i found on the interwebs.
but really here are the things i notice.
it needs a pause button
more combo's ( left + attack = running attack.)
it seems to be just another brawl rip off
the ground needs to be more than a gray-ish box.

i understand this isnt done yet. but that's the problem
the portal isn't for getting rid of your successful beta tests, leave it on your own damn computer for a week till you finish it. when it's finished THEN you post it to the portal. so just take this down and dont post it again till it's finshed.

mmmmm k?