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Reviews for "Albort"


This was the single most psychedelic video I've ever seen. o.o


This was definitely interesting. It's always nice to see an off beat experimental flash every now and then. The worn look of everything was really nice and it gave it a very dark atmosphere. A definite contrast from the ending that I thought was quite amusing. I might have to try that sometime, he made it look fun.

I'm frightened.

I'm now watching a little yellow cross on a black screen...
And I feel quite uneasy.

(apart from that, I liked very much the cut-out like animation and all that dirty bitmap textures. The ending was a happy change after all that moody setting.)

Now I scrolled up the page again and I think the little cross turned even more yellow.
I'm starting to get really scared now.


feels like i am watching inside a mind

It feels like I am inside a mind of some serial killer, my mind almost went nuts from it... Graphics and sound are well-combined to form some sort of weird combination that I can hardly understand.

Is there more?

Correct me if I am wrong, but did you intentionally made the voice unclear? I really liked the message of the video but I want to hear what that voice was saying. I watched it 2 times, maybe it was intentional but sorry no, its ruined for me by that voice.

EnglishClock responds:

I didn't make the sound, it's a song by The Residents. "Skratz"