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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"


That was wonderful, I love Bible jokes...not really the religious type, if you hadn't guessed.

Oh, Religion, you make fun of yourself.

I love the word-for-word narration. Fantastic, this series is the best.

yes! finally

so awesome

A different perspective

I have kind of a unique perspective on this story - as a devout Christ-follower who has recently been separated from his one and only son. A lot of people say this is about "testing faith" - and I don't quite agree with that. God was doing a work in Abraham's heart. The pride of a man, especially during that time period, was his children, especially sons. God called Abraham to sacrifice his PRIDE, and every step of that journey created a change in Abraham. Each step he sacrificed more of his pride. Each stone he used to create the altar was a "giving over" of his future hopes and joys to God. When the work was complete, Abraham was both the altar and sacrifice - his pride, his identity, his hopes - and there was no need to sacrifice his son. You see a man who has given his son over to God and see that same man's son returned to him by that same God - that man has been purified and transformed. Most people don't really understand that or why that is a big deal. In this story, Abraham sacrificed himself and became one with God.

Anyway, Sam. Great work as always - and as always, we will come at this God thing from very different directions! Keep creating. :D

Samination responds:

Whoa! It's Daniel! :D


Is eactly how it happend... lol i hate the bible good job this is more entertaining