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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"

great job, wish u did make more of these tho.

Below, Lightin the F up man. Your prob one of those brainwashed church goers who thinks noah only borught 2 of each animal onto the ark when (the bible ) dosnt say that.

The maker of these vids clearly knows what he is talking about, and you dont. How would u know how he reacted? Fuck even the person who wrote the sotry only wrote it 100's of years after the event happened. mabey even thousands.

Great, its so funny

Really like Messed-Up Bible Stories, but you should really make them more often, i cant wait to see the Virgin Marry one...and the guy below me, lighten up, its only a joke


bias and missunderstanding are a dangerous thing. God wanted to see how strong Abraham relied on God. So Abraham Loved God more than anything, and God stopped him. Instead they placed a lamb on the alter. Much like what Jesus did for us.. We would be doomed, if he didn't put himself up for sacrifice. That is why he is also called the Lamb. anyways...

is this the last one?

you havent done a bible storie in 2 months. this was a really good series too...........


"I'm sensing a little hostility" cracked me up. The story unfolded as it would of done if it had ever taken place. Great animation, love your stuff.