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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"

simply amazing

This is very well made. the story lines up well enough to teach someone about the bible in a funny way without insulting the average religious person, and gods voice is perfect its got an allknowing ominous sound along with a little bit of mischief and stupidity.


Definitely don't listen to any crazy nuts who can't take a joke (if you can't enjoy it, don't watch it). This series is still hilarious and does a great job pointing out the funny behaviors in the Bible without being insulting to anyone (who isn't an evangelical anyhow). Keep making more!


The person below me made me laugh out loud.
So did this movie.
Good job.


nice flash!

God this is hilarious

And to the extremely religious guy, this is only for the fun of it. If God is really that insulted that we would do this, than why would he do it. We have free will, and he knew the consequences of giving us this, if he exists. But back to series, hilarious, I really want to see how god reacts to satan, jesus, etc.