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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"

HAHAHAHA perfect!

ROFL- this is hilarious! with no shortage of material either!

for the lulz....


'dad were you really going to kill me?!' 'shut up ¬¬' lmfao so funny :')


Awesome, hilarious work yet again! You never fail to impress me with these little stories, with great voice acting and animation - it is perfect. Just goes to show you have to take the Old Testament's major stories with a grain of salt.

Are you going to go through the New testament as well? That one would be a little harder to poke fun at.


why do you want me to kill mah sons? -abraham "for the lolz :)" -god

...in addition...

How could this story be an allusion to the New Testament when it was written roughly a thousand years beforehand? I mean gosh, all I ever hear at church i, "wElL jEsuS GOtz 2 b teh MeSsIaH cuz he fufills awl teh critEEriA!" Can't these people see how easey it is to pick and choose prophesys and say your guy's #1?!

Just Take Christmas, the most distorted holiday ever. Everyone know Jesus was born in Nazereth. They're always freaking calling him "Jesus of Nazereth ." But because the Messiah has to be born in Bethlehem, the christians practically retconned it and came up with the Nativity.