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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"

Im very religious 0o0

But made me lol anyway.
Nice and clean animation, outstanding voises, great music, and a very fun wey to play with bible stories, keep it up.
Over that, the number 7 was a bit better, try not to be repetitive.
Onyways, great animation. 9/10 5/5

Eight In, Still Going Strong

Most series this far along start to lose steam. Not "Messed-Up Bible Stories." Perhaps it is the wealth of source material to work with. But I think it's a great sense of comic timing in the writing, and creating characters that have enough dimension to them to really get the jokes across. The humor is irreverant without being derrogatory towards the spiritual subject matter. It's even a bit thought provoking. Not since Monty Python and George Carlin has someone done such a good job of portraying religion in such a humorous manner. Top-shelf material, and I can't wait to see what the next take on a twisted Bible story will be.

So here's the deal...

I don't know if you really care or not (that's entirely up to you), but the reason God asked Abraham to kill his son was because God was testing Abraham's faith to God's voice, and this would be the most difficult way to test it (seeing as his wife Sarah had reached menopause much before giving birth to Issac, which was a complete miracle in itself)

I gave this a passing vote, however, because it was actually drawn and animated well and so the next viewer can read this and understand the real story if they please.


loved it sam, keep up the good work