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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"

Religious tolerence

I do this with the understanding that this will probably be deemed useless, but saying that religion is primitive and holding us back is very offensive, one of the things that keep me religious is looking at atheists and agnostics and seeing how ignorant they can be, how non-tolerant they can be, and how aggressive they can be. If you do not believe in our faiths fine, but there is no need to be so abusive and insulting. Just because some Christians believe in the 7 day creation, not all do. That's like saying all Americans think America is the best country on Earth. You're being ignorant and intolerant. And to Christians who start these arguments, loosen up, your's is not the right to judge... If you think you were wronged then be calm and think it through, pray for a solution or simply ignore it, I know I do.

All in all I think this video was hilarious and just because it set foot in religion doesn't mean we should be offended.

Rofl, i like ;)

The flash:
Excellent as always :) had a good laugh. I love the way he takes it when he is told whats up.

The rest:
You can boohoo all you wan't and rate me down. But old testament and new testament are 2 entirely different things with entirely different beliefs and messages to send. This is old testament. In the new testament he offered himself instead of other human beings(jesus). Of course you can make a mockery out of that one, the way it would be played out is obvious.

You say you're coming from a catholic church, then yea, i agree.. its bullshit. Paying the church to let go of your sins, or doing a sign over your face and chest X number of times doesn't seem like the actual way to get ahead. I've seen a guy put his hand upon another person and say "you're purified" and as a believing christian i almost vomited, ppl like that make me sick, don't confuse extremists with believers. Just feel sorry about your sins, keep them to a minimum and try to lead a just life, noone can expect any more of you, you're human.


The movie is as funny as ever. God messing with people just to get LOLZ. He did that already in Katrina. (Poor guys)

Anyways, I agree with DMTNT. Faith is blind obedience. I mean, will you really commit murder or genocide just because you believe that God wants it? I don't really buy the "There's an invisible entity that controls the very nature of space and time and that the Universe is made in 7 days and we came from dust." If those are true, then what do you call the findings of scientist that said that the Universe is made Billions of years ago and we came from a single germ with Millions or even Billions of years of evolution? Bullshit?! C'mon guys, religion already kept us from lunching to the moon a century before we actually did it. Face it, religion is turning us backwards. Like Russia before Peter the Great. It was a backwater nation but now, it's so big and a Superpower like the US.

Samination responds:

I guess when God is talking directly to you, there is no need for blind faith. He sure was chatty back then.

For the LOLZ indeed

Bible stories seemed messed-up before you got to them, but you definitely added some good humor to them.

The Old Testament God sure did have some good times....


"Why would you do that?"
"For the LOLZ."

lol. i always love your work.