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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"


haha loved the animation and Issac's eyes haha made me laugh :D


I've been killing the humans in all kinds of ways... Now it's getting boring... I know! Let's try messing wif their minds instead... Lol.
Well, I found a mistake in the title anyway... It's not God tempts abraham, it's God tests Abraham...

Samination responds:

The word 'tempt' was used in the bible to describe what god was doing - "...God did tempt Abraham." I even used the quote in the cartoon. xD


Is eactly how it happend... lol i hate the bible good job this is more entertaining

Funny view of Religion


Btw God told another guy, Jephthah, to kill his daughter and he actually did! He burnt her. :(

Source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jephthah

Sometimes, Bible stories can be so scary. But good job making them funny!

The book to live your life by

He is a kind and generous god.