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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"

comes from simspsons

the idea is from the simpsons god tells abraham ti kill homer then gods like u were really gonna burn him and at the end he is burnt

Wha';s in a name? Everything

This is certainly a new twist on God. Usually there's some wise old man or entity motiff in God spoof. Here he sounds like a suspended adolescent, as well as mayor of the ijit community. Naturallu Isaac and Abraham were made in his image.

Isaac was the dumbest of three idiots. Methinks God wasn't doing Abraham any favors by aborting the sacrifice...

Your voice acting is top notch. I'd love to see you in a collab with some of the other talents around here.

Pretty good representation

Gotta love the reaction:

Abraham: "Uh... why?"
God: "For the lulz."

very cool.

very clever take on a bible story. i laughed at the flat earth in the center of the universe. and gods explanation of "its more fun this way" awesome welldone!

Holy Shit!

That was awesome :D