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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"


The concept was good, mabey a bit unoriginal, but good, but it just wasnt actually as funny as it had the potential to be. just my opinion


Not much to add that hasn't been said better already but this series is hilarious. Keep up the great work.

The Bible: For the Y Generation.

Now, I'm not a Christian. Nor do I look at the bible beyond anything but stories with morals. However, the Bible is one of the most important pieces of literature in History. Therefore, regardless of your beliefs, you should have at least a basic understanding of it...so you don't look like a fool at fancy dinner parties.

It's funny how most people don't realize that the Bible really IS messed up, and to believe 100 percent of it, well, that's a pretty messed up thing to do. You take those outrageous stories and show the masses how ridiculous they really are. And all with style, I might add. I love all of the episodes in this series, and I certainly hope you continue to do more!

a fair depiction

I don't know if you do this to promote vague skepticism or if its "for the lulz" but you pretty much conveyed the lunacy to the proper degree.

Love this

I like all these messed up Bible stories lol hilarious!