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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"

lol at peoples

erkthedestroyer i'm pretty sure that the jews were around before the spanish you fucktard so it is a jewish name and people say jesus differently in different languages you fucking idiot.....but nonetheless a good film

With You

I'm definitely on the same page. I read the other comment that says it's been done before, but so what, someone needs to keep pointing out all of the "WTF?" moments in the fairytale....can't wait til you get to the new testament and fill in the gap of 20 or so years missing from Jesus' life...ad why he has a Spanish name and not a Jewish name....keep them coming and ignore the naysayers

God did tempt Abraham

G:Where'd ya go?
A:Here I am...

Funniest part ever...
I am religious, but I find this overtly funny. For those getting offended, open your mind some...

Oh and you have a LONG LONG way to go... Good luck!

April foolz! WTF?!

lolz again man very funny good job


I was waiting for this story since the beginning...

"For the lulz"...