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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 8"

In a few of the earliest versions of this story, which is from the Torah, then got copied into the Bible, (You could rename this series "Messed up Torah stories" by the way) where God does not intervene and Abraham actually goes through with the sacrifice of his child. Ancient Semitic peoples were particularly fond of sacrificing babies to Moloch by burning them inside a heated bull sculpture. Don't believe me, Look it up!

That is indeed messed up but still hilarious. LOL!

Lol, this would have been a better animation if it had a sudden death. Example: Heart Attack, Repetitive Stabbings, Rape Until Starvation, All That Good Stuff!

Hell yeah,
R u F@#king kidding me?

Love this! Though, I was under the impression that Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac on top of Mt. Sinai