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Reviews for "Red Bull Short"


LOL, that was awesome! I was surprised at how well the animation was done, I loved the sudden stop at the end of the stair rail, the sound effects were great along with the music, the characters face was simple but you got a lot of emotion out of it and you could tell what he was feeling. loved the outcome, I thought he was actually flying too. awesome animation keep it up! can't wait to see another one!

xD thatwas f**ked up

hahaha 2 cans daily lol


Pretty decent animated. The voiceacting was pretty bad, but that's just because the qualitysetting is at very low? Please turn up the quality.

Yeah... fun watching two times. The joke was OK.

lol i diden notece hair till 3rd time around lol

i wached it for the faces lol if i could wact another way just faces with sounds lolololololololol thx for time to waste XDXDXDXD 4th XD face for four cans XDXDXDXD

lol wtf!

lol when he was sliding down the rail with his doodoo haircut flowing XDXDXDXDXD