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Reviews for "Red Bull Short"

poor kid.

The name on his mailbox was McPenis... no wonder he killed himself.


hahaha xD i did not see that one comming :P

See the redbull shots?

Thats like three tins of redbull, and although they are totally sweet you just know your massacreing yourself in someway.

Haha, loved the smoothe transition into heaven then the dramatic ending, gotta say krumeater is pretty good at animating, I liked the opening space sequence and the whole blasting through walls/sliding down a banister on your balls thing.

I need to drink more redbull and give it a shot I guess.


and this is why everyone says that red bulls will give you wings


Loved it!The animation was awesome, music too, script was hilarious, I just can't find anything wrong! 10/10 5/5